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We have created a comprehensive course for you to learn ZBrush in Hindi.
ZBrush is a software that allows you to create 3D printable temple jewellery, Idols, coin and many more designs using digital sculpting and embossing tools.
We can effectively do scooping and shelling to maintain the weight of the object.
We can use images as guides during creation.
Effectively, we can create 2.5D or full 3D objects like pendants, rings, idols with greater detailing.
The better you know the software, the use of ZBrush will give you unparalleled quality in design.
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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Instructor's Note

    • Section 1 - Interface, Navigation, Display

    • Section 2 - Hard modelling using ZModeler

    • Section 3 - Tools bar

    • Section 4 - Modeling using Shadow Box

    • Section 5 - Subtools options

    • Section 6 - Polygroups

    • Section 7 - Using Image Grid for Reference

    • Section 8 - Using ZSpheres

    • Section 9 -Sculpting Brushes

    • Section 10 - How to modify Mouse settings

    • Section 11 - Editing using Trim, Split and Mask

    • Section 12 - Giving thickness using Morph Target

    • Section 13 - Learn to Create Custom Brush and use Custom Alpha

    • Section 14 - Learn to Deform

    • Section 15 - Create Texture over surface

    • Section 16 - USing ZRemesher

    • Section 17 - Using Decimation Master

    • Section 18 - Importing and Exporting Files

  • 2


    • Lion Ring

    • Buddha Idol

Meet the instructor

Sandip Bharane


Sandip Bharane has more than 10 years of experience in multiple platforms such as Rhino, Blender, V-Ray, ZBrush, JewelCAD, etc. He has trained a large number of students and professionals in Bluestone till date in various industries such as Architecture, Jewelry, Animation and Product Design. He has assisted in voice over in Hindi for the videos seen here.

Maya Pundale

Chief Instructor

Maya Pundale has more than 20 years of experience in multiple platforms such as Unreal Engine, Rhino, Blender, KeyShot, etc. She is an Authorized Rhino Trainer, Unreal Authorized Instructor and Certified KeyShot Trainer and has teaching experience of more than 18 years. She has trained more than 2000 students and professionals in various industries such as Architecture, Jewelry, Product Design, Gaming, Advertising and Animation Studios.

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